The blog post everyone needs to read, where we dive into the top 10 reasons why Amazon Quicksight should be your next Business Intelligence software. As you collect more data than ever before, the need for effective Business Intelligence (BI) solutions has never been greater. Amazon Quicksight is a powerful tool that can help organizations such as yours gain valuable insights from your data. From its cost-effective pricing model and fast deployment to its user-friendly interface and machine learning capabilities, we will explore the many benefits of using Amazon Quicksight as your BI software. Join us as we take a closer look at what makes Amazon Quicksight stand out as a premier BI solution.


1. Cost-effective: Amazon Quicksight is a pay-as-you-go service, which means that organizations only pay for what they use. This can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional business intelligence solutions that require upfront licensing fees. The flexibility of the payments quickly help you scale your usage up and down based on the everyday users.

2. Super-Fast deployment: Amazon Quicksight can be set up and configured in a matter of hours, allowing organizations to quickly start gaining insights from their data. This is subject to the state of the source data, of course. The idea is sound however, the system is user-friendly enough to instantly import data from your sources and start creating tables from which to develop your visualizations.

3. User-friendly interface: Quicksight’s visual interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing even non-technical users to create and share dashboards and reports. Its natural language query (NLQ) feature allows users to ask questions in plain English, making it accessible to everyone from the CEO to the business analyst. 

4. Scalability: Quicksight can handle large amounts of data, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Quicksight was built and tested using amazon’s own web services and thus is a robust engine that allows it to handle large amounts of data.

5. Integration with other AWS services: Quicksight can easily integrate with other AWS services such as S3, Redshift, and RDS, allowing organizations to seamlessly analyze data from multiple sources.  This software was meant to work with its Amazon partners.

6. Customizable dashboards: Quicksight allows users to create fully customized dashboards and reports, providing a high level of flexibility for organizations to display their data in the way that best meets their needs.  The Dashboards are easily changed to meet the needs of each client from the CEO to the Business Manager.

7. Collaboration features: Quicksight includes collaboration features such as the ability to share dashboards and reports with team members, making it easy for organizations to work together and make data-driven decisions. There can never be enough collaboration as communication is often the key to successful decisions and actions

8. Secure: Quicksight is built on top of AWS, which means it benefits from the security measures and controls that AWS has in place. Security is more important now, more than ever.  The structure embedded in Amazon Quicksight allows for flexibility of security assignments for each row and column level.

9. Accessibility: Quicksight can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing organizations to access their data and insights from anywhere. In today’s digital age, you would expect nothing less. The ease of access creates a work-from-anywhere with any device paradigm which allows for decisions and actions to be made in real-time.

10. Machine learning capabilities: Quicksight includes built-in machine learning capabilities, allowing organizations to easily build predictive models and gain insights that were previously difficult to uncover. This is the way that business intelligence changes and turns into decision intelligence.  The predictive models can also allow you to ask questions that may lead to deeper insights.

The ten reasons given above to make Amazon Quicksight your Business Intelligence software should be enough to peak your interest and ask the next level of questions. Where and how do I get an understanding of if this software is right for me? That is easy to answer, contact a specialist here at Luneba and we can help you answer those questions and more.

From its cost-effective pricing model and fast deployment to its user-friendly interface and machine learning capabilities, Amazon Quicksight is a powerful tool that can help organizations gain valuable insights from their data.