Luneba has been an AWS Select Consulting Partner for 3 years and we have vast experience in Cloud Migration, Cloud Operations, and Modern Cloud-Native Architectures and Development.

Our approach

Customized Cloud Solutions. There is no one-size-fits all solution and our experience matters. We will tailor our proven patterns and frameworks to your particular situation to accelerate your time-to-value.


Focus on Business Outcomes. Underlying all of our cloud services is a recognition of how it helps your business achieve the outcomes you desire. Even the most routine maintenance will provide your business with great value.


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Cloud Migration

Move your workloads to the cloud, quickly, securely and with minimal disruption. Suitable for:
Decommission on-premises servers

Move the applications and workloads from your old, costly and hard-to-maintain servers to inexpensive, flexible and reliable cloud resources.

Move an old app to new infrastructure

Beyond a simple “lift-and-shift”, many applications can be upgraded for scalability and performance as part of a сloud migration. We can make this happen for you!

Partial Move

Viable сloud migration plans can often take advantage of moving resources in stages – storage first, followed by compute with networking and security along the way.

Application Modernization

Modernize your application pipelines.

Reduce the operational burden of managing existing applications

Organizations already running containers on-premises, or thinking about moving applications to containers, can re-platform those workloads to container services on AWS to simplify operations and reduce management overhead costs, such as orchestration and infrastructure provisioning.

Develop new applications that scale seamlessly

Use serverless technologies and purpose-built databases to maximize agility and advanced development tools to accelerate development as you build new applications.

Build a high-performing DevOps organization

To create a cultural shift to build modern
applications at scale, organizations can
leverage DevOps services and tools while
maintaining a high bar on security and


Build robust information sets from the separate silos of data and visualize creative ways to display that information so you can understand where your business is going and what is driving it.

Monetize your data value

It’s not enough to simply have data. The value of data comes from the insights it creates, the processes it optimizes, and its ability to help make better business decisions.

Optimize the business with data

We help create and build business insights to automate and optimize business processes around finance, supply chain, insurance, big data, and manufacturing.

Address business opportunities

We help create and build business insights to automate and optimize business processes around finance, supply chain, insurance, big data, and manufacturing.

DevOps Jumpstart

Design and implement DevOps best practices for projects or entire companies. Suitable For:

New Projects

We can quickly set up everything you need for using DevOps best practices right from the start of your project.

Improving Existing Efforts

Apply DevOps practices to existing projects to improve your ability to maintain and update.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Get enterprise-quality business continuity to serve your customers better. Suitable for:

Cloud disaster recovery for on-premises

The cloud can be a great disaster recovery option for your on-premises resources to give your business the continuity you need. Creating a proper DR plan can be as complex as migrating the applications. Our team can define and implement a plan to meet your recovery-time-objective (RTO) and recovery-point-objective (RPO). Most importantly, we will execute the plan before it is needed to ensure it will work when needed.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud providers like to say that everything will fail at some point. When your systems need to be up-and-running no matter the scale and size of the failure, an in-cloud disaster recovery plan can prove invaluable. We can define, implement and test a plan to ensure your RTO and RPO are met.

AWS Cost Optimization

Ensure you are using only what you need at the lowest cost.

Suitable For:

Recent AWS Customers

It is difficult to determine the best payment options for new resources. We can help guide you from the start.

SMB AWS Customers

For one account to dozens, we can help you get a handle on all of them, link them all through Consolidated Billing and AWS Organizations, and optimize across them all.

Long-term AWS Customers

Organizations which have been using AWS for a while are likely to have unused resources. Customers can benefit from the inspection and surfacing of these items.

Large AWS Projects

The more resources used the greater the opportunity to save by finding less expensive options and terminating unused resources.

Containerized Jenkins

The client faced a challenge: they needed to design, create, and automate a cloud Jenkins infrastructure with containerized Windows and Linux build agents.

The infrastructure needed to be scalable and able to handle webhook requests from GitHub.

LiveChat Messenger

The client needed to create a reliable, high-available, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for their microservice application. They needed to support four environments for their development team, and automate builds and deployments. Additionally, the client needed to ensure secure access to inner resources for their Dev and QA engineers.


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