Cloud Migration

Move your workloads to the cloud quickly, securely, and with minimal disruption.


Migrating to the Cloud

Whether moving a simple application or complex system or entire data center to the cloud, it is much more than simply reproducing the current physical servers identically in a cloud-based data center.

Treating public clouds the same way as an on-premises data center is the number one reason why cloud migrations fail. The very nature of the cloud requires that the application or system or data center be examined at a higher level first and have the migration planned to appropriately utilize cloud resources. Some systems are perfectly suitable for a lift-and-shift, where there are constant, even system loads and usage. Others, particularly where there is high variability in the volume the system processes, need to be adapted to the elastic and scalable nature of cloud resources or there will surely be over-provisioning leading to wasted time and money.

We can prepare your migration that accounts for all of these variables so that the result is an efficient, flexible and resilient system.
Migration engagements tend to be medium-term – as short as one month for simple applications with a well, known pattern; up to a year or longer for larger, integrated systems or data centers, which effectively become multiple related migrations.

Suitable for

Suitable for

Decommission on-premises servers

Move the applications and workloads from your old, costly and hard-to-maintain servers to inexpensive, flexible and reliable cloud resources.

Partial move

Viable сloud migration plans can often take advantage of moving resources in stages – storage first, followed by compute with networking and security along the way.

Move an old app to new infrastructure

Beyond a simple “lift-and-shift”, many applications can be upgraded for scalability and performance as part of a сloud migration. We can make this happen for you!

What you get

What you get

Сloud experts with experience

Our certified engineers have migrated varied workloads and are aware of everything to give you the best options for your move.

Trusted partner

Luneba will be there throughout your migration experience to make sure disruptions are avoided or minimized when necessary.

Thorough plans

We will make sure everything needed for the successful and stressless сloud migration will be identified and addressed as part of the plan.


Case Studies

Containerized Jenkins

The client faced a challenge: they needed to design, create, and automate a cloud Jenkins infrastructure with containerized Windows and Linux build agents.

The infrastructure needed to be scalable and able to handle webhook requests from GitHub.

LiveChat Messenger

The client needed to create a reliable, high-available, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for their microservice application. They needed to support four environments for their development team, and automate builds and deployments. Additionally, the client needed to ensure secure access to inner resources for their Dev and QA engineers.

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