AWS Cost Optimization

Ensure you are using only what you need at the lowest cost.


AWS Cost Optimization

AWS’ Public cloud environments are very flexible and without a plan, that flexibility can lead to unmanageable infrastructures and hidden resources which in turn negatively impact your costs and overall efficiency.

Our AWS Cost Optimization process has helped other customers save between 33% and 50%. In these engagements we perform a thorough review of your cloud accounts to get you the visibility you need on everything created, running, and costing you money. The savings is then realized by eliminating unused instances and databases, and applying reserved instance and spot pricing where it saves you the most. Luneba engineers will use our proprietary software – Cost Optimization and Analysis Tool (COAT) – to analyze your AWS environment to find all savings opportunities.

Suitable for

Suitable for

Recent AWS Customers

It is difficult to determine the best payment options for new resources. We can help guide you from the start.

Long-term AWS Customers

Organizations which have been using AWS for a while are likely to have unused resources. Customers can benefit from the inspection and surfacing of these items.

SMB AWS Customers

For one account to dozens, we can help you get a handle on all of them, link them all through Consolidated Billing and AWS Organizations, and optimize across them all.

Large AWS Projects

The more resources used the greater the opportunity to save by finding less expensive options and terminating unused resources.

What you get

What you get

Skilled Cloud Engineers

Our AWS cloud engineers are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and tools to not only find and expose hidden resources but also identify options to save money on existing resources so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Ongoing Support

AWS Cost Optimizations are a continuous effort as your business and IT needs grow and change, and our engineers can periodically review your AWS infrastructure to ensure you are continuing to save money.

Low Risk, Cost Savings

Our service costs you only a portion of the savings we find for you. This way we are motivated to save you more! You will realize a better ROI across all your cloud resources with no additional investment.


Case Studies

Containerized Jenkins

The client faced a challenge: they needed to design, create, and automate a cloud Jenkins infrastructure with containerized Windows and Linux build agents.

The infrastructure needed to be scalable and able to handle webhook requests from GitHub.

LiveChat Messenger

The client needed to create a reliable, high-available, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for their microservice application. They needed to support four environments for their development team, and automate builds and deployments. Additionally, the client needed to ensure secure access to inner resources for their Dev and QA engineers.


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