Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Public cloud environments put highly sophisticated disaster recovery options well within reach for even the smallest organizations. The type of game-changing business continuity previously only available to large corporations with vast resources can be efficiently delivered using straightforward public cloud resources.

The fundamental parameters for every cloud disaster recovery effort are based on two measures of time: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). RTO is the time between the disaster and when your business or application is back up-and-running, available to your customers or employees for use. RPO is the amount of time where potential data loss may occur. Neither of these can be completely eliminated, but both can be minimized. Our consultants can help you consider all of the factors necessary to determine these numbers and balance that with the potential cost of the solutions needed to meet those goals. Our engineers will then create the necessary resources, define the processes – automated or manual – needed to effect the recovery and, most importantly, test the solution to prove it works well before it is ever needed.

Suitable for

Suitable for

Cloud disaster recovery for on-premises

The cloud can be a great disaster recovery option for your on-premises resources to give your business the continuity you need. Creating a proper DR plan can be as complex as migrating the applications. Our team can define and implement a plan to meet your recovery-time-objective (RTO) and recovery-point-objective (RPO). Most importantly, we will execute the plan before it is needed to ensure it will work when needed.

Disaster recovery in the cloud

Cloud providers like to say that everything will fail at some point. When your systems need to be up-and-running no matter the scale and size of the failure, an in-cloud disaster recovery plan can prove invaluable. We can define, implement and test a plan to ensure your RTO and RPO are met.

What you get

What you get

Comprehensive Plan

We will consider all of your business requirements and balance them with your cost constraints to determine appropriate RPO, RTO and how best to achieve them.

Peace of Mind

A cloud disaster recovery plan is at best incomplete and at worst worthless if it is not executed and tested before you need it. We can execute the plan to verify it works and will meet your needs should it ever be necessary.


Case Studies

Fantasy Guru Reports

Guru Fantasy Reports is a decades-old sports media business with a number of web properties with large online communities.

Services: Cloud Migration, Cloud Implementation, DevOps Jumpstart, Cloud Monitoring & Support

Tri-Cura, Inc

The Tri-Cura ecosystem includes iOS, Android and web applications that connect people in need of long-term care with caregivers and their agencies. The apps allow filtering search results based on specific parameters such as location, timing, and more. Each application has an easy-to-use mobile interface, a large database and a web administration panel for managing user support.


Ettractions, Inc.

Ettractions connects visitors with relevant information throughout the travel decision-making process. Their unique business solutions connect guests with engaging content to enhance their visit.

Revinate, Inc

Revinate’s platform provides hotels with the ability to leverage their customer data to drive direct bookings and improve guest satisfaction. Hotels use the platform to improve direct marketing and CRM for guests, increase survey rate, and achieve online reputation management. 


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