Cloud Consulting Services

High-level, short-term engagements to provide you with cloud strategy development, cloud adoption roadmaps, cloud governance plans or large cloud project planning details.


Cloud Consulting Services

Our consultants will work directly with your technology and business management to understand the business outcomes your company is seeking and map them to cloud technology needs.

You can focus on your business while Luneba focuses on your cloud technology and infrastructure. High-level engagements with a focus on business outcomes and how cloud technologies can help your business achieve them. We work closely with your business and technology leaders to understand the specifics of your business and what you’re trying to accomplish. We also learn about your culture to ensure what we propose will fit and work for you. Then we craft an appropriate cloud strategy, adoption plan, implementation plan, or governance plan – everything you need to be able to make the most of what the cloud has to offer. These are typically short-term, intensive engagements with concrete deliverables in the form of the plans mentioned. Often, on-site visits are very valuable in establishing the relationship and learning the context needed for everyone’s success.

Suitable for

Suitable for

Cloud technology adoptions

The cloud offers such promise, but how best to start taking advantage of it? We can answer that question for you!

Cloud infrastructure planning

If you have a new project to be launched, we can design architecture in the cloud to deploy the system.

Cloud Strategy development and planning

Cloud technologies open up new possibilities for your business application and products. We can show you what’s possible so you can innovate.

Governance definitions and application plan

Maintain control of your cloud resources by letting us define the guardrails that still allow for innovation.

What you get

What you get

Access to the Best Experts

Our engineers and consultants have broad technology and business domain experience, in addition to cloud expertise.

Shorter Time to Market

We can jumpstart your efforts by tailoring patterns of what we’ve done many times before, applying everything we have learned to save you time and money.

Around-The-Clock Support

Offices in multiple time zones make it possible to have consultants and engineers working on your project throughout the day.

Proven Cloud Solutions

We will deliver the solution you need the first time, on time and budget. You’ll have peace of mind knowing what you get is based on best practices and experience.


Case Studies

Fantasy Guru Reports

Guru Fantasy Reports is a decades-old sports media business with a number of web properties with large online communities.

Services: Cloud Migration, Cloud Implementation, DevOps Jumpstart, Cloud Monitoring & Support

Tri-Cura, Inc

The Tri-Cura ecosystem includes iOS, Android and web applications that connect people in need of long-term care with caregivers and their agencies. The apps allow filtering search results based on specific parameters such as location, timing, and more. Each application has an easy-to-use mobile interface, a large database and a web administration panel for managing user support.


Ettractions, Inc.

Ettractions connects visitors with relevant information throughout the travel decision-making process. Their unique business solutions connect guests with engaging content to enhance their visit.

Revinate, Inc

Revinate’s platform provides hotels with the ability to leverage their customer data to drive direct bookings and improve guest satisfaction. Hotels use the platform to improve direct marketing and CRM for guests, increase survey rate, and achieve online reputation management. 


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