Save up to 5% on your AWS bill immediately!

We’ve built the best way for hypergrowth companies to save costs and profit on AWS. You can get up to 5% off your monthly AWS bill right away with our on-the-spot Discount Program and can scale as you grow with Cloud. Luneba customers have experienced AWS bill savings of up to 25% in just 3 months.


On-the-spot discount program

With Luneba’s on-the-spot discount program, you will get access to Luneba’s Cloud Analysts. We’ll help increase your visibility into usage and drive further cost optimization and governance within your AWS environment.

How does it work?

We’re here to help you identify more opportunities for savings. With our on-the-spot discount program, we offer guaranteed predictable savings of up to 5%. This is not a minimum discount offer or an upfront commitment, but rather an automatic discount that we give back to you based on your usage. You pay only for what you use and only when you use it – there is no minimum spend or long-term commitments with Luneba’s on-the-spot discount program.

The best part about this program is that it can be applied directly to any existing account, including existing subscription plans and reserved instances! So if you are looking for additional ways to optimize your cloud spend, look no further than Luneba’s on-the-spot discounts!

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Luneba is a Select AWS Partner

Luneba is a cloud cost optimization company that helps customers lower their cloud spend and achieve predictable savings. Our customers include large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and government agencies across the US and Europe.

We built Luneba because we believe in driving innovation and helping our clients succeed with their cloud strategy. Our vision is to empower companies of all sizes to realize the full benefits of cloud computing in a predictable way.

At Luneba, we believe in providing predictable savings for our customers. That’s why we are offering guaranteed savings on AWS instances starting from 5% off (up to 10% off) for all new customers who sign up for our program today.


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