Cloud Evaluations

Cloud Evaluations

Independent, third-party review of your cloud environments and resources.
Public cloud environments are very flexible and without a plan that flexibility can lead to unmanageable infrastructures and hidden “shadow IT” which in turn can negatively impact your costs, security and overall efficiency.

Evaluations are short term engagements where we can perform a thorough review of your cloud accounts to get you the visibility you need on everything going on. Our cloud engineers can focus the review on only the highest priority, highest exposure or costly items, or thoroughly evaluate each and every resource. The level of detail for the output of the evaluation is up to you so that you can balance your time and investment.

Suitable for.

Cost concerns

When you need to know that your costs are providing the value you need.

Security concerns

Make sure your cloud resources are protecting all of your data as you and your customers expect.

Architecture concerns

Well-architected cloud deployments are not guaranteed and often times they require even more planning to optimize.

What you get.

Appropriate Detail

Choose the level of detail you want from any evaluation. Focus on the high-impact, high-priority issues to pinpoint your attention, or receive an exhaustive, thorough evaluation.

Piece of mind

Gain visibility into potential сloud vulnerabilities and address them before they become a problem.


A third-party, dispassionate review can provide the second opinion you need when facing tough decisions about your cloud resources


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